Mandarin :: Healthy fruit


   Mandarin - is the common name of numerous evergreen plants of the genus Citrus fruits with orange, as big as oranges. All varieties and hybrids of mandarins combines sweet taste and easy to clean skin.
   Mandarins are divided into 3 groups:
   Noble - very heat-loving, with large orange fruit and bumpy skin;
   Italian - thermophilic, with orange-red fruits and thick skinned;
   Satsuma (satsumas) - cold-resistant, seedless, with small yellowish-orange fruit. These mandarins from Japan accustomed to the Black Sea coast.
   Mandarin fruits are commonly used in the food fresh, as they appear on sale in the winter when the lack of fresh fruit is particularly acute. Where mandarins enough at any time of the year, of them make juices, compotes, jams, added to salads, sauces, side dishes, fish and meat, to baked goods and frozen desserts. In Korea, the popular dessert of mandarin oranges and honey.
   Sweet and sour taste of tangerines aptly complements the taste of fatty meat and delicate flavor successfully masks the smell of fish and seafood. Prior to heat treatment is recommended to remove the film from the tangerine slices, otherwise it will become bitter.
   Hybrid mandarin and orange - clementine - used for making pickles, liqueurs and brandy.
   Tangerine peel is used in alcoholic tinctures, sometimes it is added to tea for flavor.
   Although 85% mandarins consist of water, they are rich in sugars, fiber, proteins and fats comprise (essential oils), and volatile organic acids. In mandarins contains vitamin B complex, and quite a large amount of vitamin C. The micro-and macro tangerines are rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus.
   Mandarins - an important source of vitamins and restorative remedy winter. Mandarin aroma awakens the appetite, and acids contained in them, improve digestion and metabolism in the body. Mandarins can be used for the prevention of colds, as volatile contained in them, kill germs. Tincture of tangerine peel can be used for bronchitis, dry cough and as a means to normalize digestion.