Apricot :: Healthy fruit


   Historians consider the birthplace of apricot Armenia as its territory apricot trees grown since ancient times. In some regions of Armenia were found apricot seeds Eneolithic times. In Greece, and later in other European countries, apricots hit thanks to Alexander the Great.
   Apricots (dried apricots) were among the first to make the Persians. Dried apricots was important export Persia.
   Regardless of Armenia began to grow apricots in China and India about 5000 years ago.
   Today apricots grow throughout the warm temperate climate with cold winters. Leader in the export of apricots on the world market - Turkey.
   Apricot seeds are used in folk medicine as a remedy for coughs and respiratory diseases. Some doctors believe that the substances contained in apricot pits may be used to treat cancer and stomach ulcers.
   Due to the high fiber content of dried apricots are used to enhance the functioning of the intestines.
   Apricots, especially dried, contain a lot of sugar and fiber. They contain starches, fats, proteins and acids. Of vitamins especially apricots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, and of micro-and macronutrients - potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, silicon, phosphorus.